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Summary of all the V-Network blogs

Weblog Entry Thanksgiving
We went to Great Grandpa Swanson's and Great Grandma Hill's for Thanksgiving. Then Grandma and Grandpa Leisher came here with Uncle Paul and Aunt Amy.
Weblog Entry We Got a Wii!
We got the Wii and its tons of fun! Much better than the Xbox 360.
Weblog Entry Harmony Remote Review
A good idea, but without exception the single worst execution of a product I've ever seen after 10 years of developing web applications.
Weblog Entry New Binkie
Today I got a new Binkie
Weblog Entry Considering the Wii
The XBOX 360 has been extremely disappointing thus far, so I'm considering getting a Nintendo Wii.
Weblog Entry Switching to GMail
After 10 years of running my own mail server, I'm transitioning to gmail for my email
Weblog Entry Upgraded Network to Gigabit
While I was home after KJ's birth, I upgraded the network at V-Network HQ to gigabit, for less than $100.
Weblog Entry Monday
I slept in my crib for part of the night last night. Also, today was Daddy's first day back to work.
Weblog Entry This Weekend
We had a fun weekend: Several people came to visit and meet me. Saturday, Mommy, Daddy, and I went out for lunch and did some shopping. On Sunday, we started working on switching my nights and days around.
Weblog Entry I Love the Night Life
I still like sleeping all day and being up all night.
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