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I'm eating cereal

by Becky Hill — last modified Jan 29, 2007 09:24 AM

Mommy and Daddy started me on cereal over the weekend.

Sunday morning, Mommy made me cereal and I ate cereal for the first time.  Boy, did I make a mess all over my face. :)  It was fun.  I actually ate some of it.  I kept pushing it out with my tongue, but got some in my tummy.  Then, Sunday night, Daddy fed me cereal and it was a little too runny.  I didn't eat much at all.  I made a huge mess all over everywhere.  Then, I got mad and was crying a lot.  This second time didn't go so well.

However, this morning (Monday), it went much better.  Mommy made the cereal a little thicker and I ate it very well.  Then I drank the rest of my bottle. 

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