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I rolled over...

by Becky Hill — last modified Jan 24, 2007 09:23 PM

with the help of gravity!

Daddy put me on the couch Tuesday morning, and with the help of gravity, I rolled over..   WOOHOO!!  I haven't done it since, but I sure try.  :)   I have a mat which I like to play on.  There are toys that hang so I can bat at them.  Mommy puts me on the mat, so that the back of my head is towards the TV.  That way, I can't stare at the TV instead of playing.  Anyway, I found out that if I roll onto my side, I can see the TV just fine.  So now, whenever Mommy puts me on the mat, I grab one of the toys and roll onto my side.  Then, I can see the TV just fine.  :)

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