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Christmas and New Years

by Becky Hill — last modified Jan 01, 2007 07:49 PM

I won Christmas!

I had a wonderful first Christmas and New Years!  My schedule's been a little off the past few weeks, but I sure had a lot of fun!

On Sat. the 23rd, Mommy and Daddy took me to my cousin Marnee's house for a Christmas Party with the Geick side of the family.  It was lots of fun.  Mommy and Daddy ate lots of good food.  I hung out with family and swung in a new swing.  I really liked it (it swung from side to side, not front to back, like the one I have at home).  Everyone got lots of presents- I got clothes and toys.  We had a really goot time.  As we were leaving, cousin Marnee let us take the cool swing home with us.  YEAH!

I opened Christmas presents from Santa on Christmas Eve.  I got lots of toys and clothes.  I also got a Thomas and Friends Book that Mommy will read to me.  Mommy and Daddy opened the presents for me, and showed everything to me. 

Christmas Day, Mommy and Daddy took me up to visit Great Grandpa Swanson, Grandma Swanson, and Great Aunt Lisa.  They had a nice Turkey Dinner (I slept while everyone ate).  Then, everyone opened Christmas Presents- I got some nice clothes and other baby things. 

After leaving Great Grandpa's house, we went to Great Grandma Hill's house.  We vistied with Great Uncle Gary, Great Uncle Ron, Great Aunt Kathy, and Cousin Adam.  I got a lot more Christmas Presents- more clothes and lots of books and toys.

Then, on the 27th, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Leisher's house to celebrate Christmas with Aunt Jen, Uncle Raul, Aunt Amy, Uncle Paul, and cousins Alex and Zach.  I had a lot of fun playing with my cousins.  I really enjoy watching Alex and Zach playing- I can't wait until I get old enough to play with them.  After everyone ate turkey dinner, we opened more presents- I got lots of more toys including a big play mat.  Mommy's been giving me tummy time on it, I like the mat, but don't enjoy tummy time very much.

Then last night was New Years.  I'm still a little young to stay up all night, so I went to bed early.  But, Mommy and Daddy stayed up until 12, then went to bed.  It's been a really long few weeks for everyone!

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