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by Becky Hill — last modified Nov 06, 2006 02:17 PM

I slept in my crib for part of the night last night. Also, today was Daddy's first day back to work.

Last night was the first night I slept in my crib.  I've been sleeping in the Pack-N-Play during the day and in the bassenette during the night.  Last night, Mommy put me in the bassenette from 11pm-3am, then I slept in the crib by myself until 6am.  I like the crib much better, because I have room to stretch my arms out without hitting anything.  But I think Mommy misses me sleeping right next to her.

Daddy went back to work today.  Mommy and I miss him a lot.  Mommy is doing a great job taking care of me during the day.  We have fun together.  Today, Mommy took some pictures of me smiling and she also took some video to show Daddy when he gets home.  It's nice to have Mommy home with me during the day. 

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