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Better Life Through Cheese

"Just because I don't Care doesn't mean I don't Understand!" - Homer J. Simpson.

I'm Kevin Hill and this is my homepage. I am not a tv show. I live in the Chicago Area (although I think I would prefer Hawaii or Portland, OR, or just about anywhere warmer and less flat than Illinois, which is most of the country) and work for a a particle accelerator laboratory doing computer stuff.

I'm updating this for 2006, thats three straight years of annual updates. Please excuse the old, outdated picture of myself.

Becky and I had a baby this year! He's KJ, and his web page is here.

Being a UNIX geek, I co-founded TheLinuxShow!!.

A few years I finally got my Motorcycle license, thanks to the MSF class at Waubansee (local community college). I bought a used 2002 Buell Blast. Here's some pictures of me with my blast.

After the Blast, I bought a 1993 Honda Nighthawk 750 from my former brother in law. It had been sitting for quite a while before I got it and needed quite a bit of carb work to get it running. It never did really run quite right.

I then acquired a 1976 Triumph Bonneville. It was running, but the electronic ignition module on it apparently died. It is awaiting a dismantling and partial restoration over this winter.

December '05 I traded in the Nighthawk on a 2004 BMW R1150R. I'm very happy with this bike. Coincidentally I bought it from the same dealer I bought my Triumph from, Tag Sport BMW in Geneva, IL. I also sold my Blast.

I also play guitar and write music when I have a few spare moments. Oh well, thats enough for now :)

OK, I was bored a couple years ago so I had to jump on the bandwagon and create my very own news/portal Blog site. So be sure to check out for the latest news thats interesting to me, and maybe a few other like minded people.

[Insert newer picture of really sexy guy here!]
Me, 2004

[Insert newer blurry picture of really sexy guy here!]
Me with my Lame Phone Cam, 2004

[Insert picture of really sexy guy here!]
Me, 1996

My List of Really Cool things:

  • Cheese!
  • Fish!!
  • Logic Level compatible FET's!!!
  • Motorcycles with ABS!!!!

Favorite Links

My Homepage
My Cheesy Portal Blog
My Sudoku Solver
The Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything

Some other useful Links

Guide to Writing HTML
You can reach me by e-mail at:

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